Liquid to solid

In simulations solidification of liquids was achieved when sufficiently high electric fields were applied and was termed electrocrystallization.


You smell what you expect.

 This is new research from Northwestern Medicine, they provide strong evidence that the brain uses predictive coding to generate "predictive templates" of specific smells. The study was published in the journal Neuron, October 6.

Moments before you actually smell something it is likely that your brain is already preparing your sensory system for the familiar smell. This predictive coding is important because it allows animals (humans) to more quickly and accurately respond to stimuli in the surrounding environment. To support their claim the team used fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and other techniques to identify the existence of predictive coding in the olfactory cortex of the brain.


Guess where Iron Came From.

10 billion year old exploding stars were a source of Earth's Iron.

I think it is amazing how the things we use today were made billions of miles away and are billions of years old, including are own atoms. Respect the universe as a whole, you came from it.


Go oustide it is good for your brain.

Research that was published in the journal NeuroImage found that tranquil environmental scenes caused distinct brain areas to become "connected." This indicated that these "connected" brain regions were working in sync which produced the effect of being in a state of tranquility. The study also tested common sights such as motorways, there was an opposite effect. Instead of establishing connections with other regions of the brain the images actually disrupted connections within the brain.

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Universe Simulation

Scientists at the University of California, Santa Cruz have used a NASA supercomputer to create what they say is the most accurate and detailed simulation of the universe ever.

Engage Cloaking Device.

First things first, science, you are amazing. Anyways the University of Dallas, Texas has made CNTs or Carbon nanotubes that when heated by an electrical current causes light rays to bend away from them. This results in in the object disappearing for sight. The concept of the device is based off the mirage effect that happens when the earth's surface is so hot that there appears to be a pool of water on the ground. In reality that is just the sky reflecting on the surface. these CNTs have the density of air but the strength of steel and are great conductors of heat. this allows for the mirage effect to take place seeing as how carbon's properties enable it to transfer heat to its surrounding areas.

                               Welcome to the future ladies and Gentlemen.